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Giant Steps
at Houghton Festival 2017

GIANT STEPS is a collaboration between the Analogue Foundation and one of London's top listening venues, Brilliant Corners, and their travelling sound-system. GIANT STEPS is always exploring new destinations, with the aim to create an atmosphere of freedom, comfort and togetherness; playing sounds that travel straight to the hearts and souls of the audience. A top roster of like-minded record collectors each programme a narrative of music, creating a seamless yet individual experience for all. In August 2017, the Analogue Foundation and Brilliant Corners took GIANT STEPS to Houghton Festival, where Floating Points, Ben UFO and Hunee played packed out sets.


World Wide Listening Station Tour in Berlin 2017
at Oye Records

In July 2017 the Listening Station was housed at OYE Records in Berlin’s popular Prenzlauer Berg area. OYE records' basement shop contains a fantastic range of music, and is central to Berlin’s new analogue house scene. Run by the DJ’s Delfonic and Tinko, OYE is a record store, local hub, distribution center and record label home. Spread across three rooms, the largest sections are devoted to house and disco, but there is also a large selection of hip hop, jazz, wave and electronica. The store regularly plays host to gigs, and has a team of knowledgeable and dedicated staff members, who were excited and enthusiastic about having the Listening Station as part of the team. The week kicked off with a panel session hosted by Christine Kakaire in the beautiful surroundings of Mitte’s Soho House, with a panel consisting of Maryama Luccioni (African Acid is the Future), Simone Merli (Soundwalk Collective), Claas Breiler (Jazzanova) and Max Gössler (Intakt!),followed by a Jazzanova DJ set.


World Wide Listening Station Tour in Paris 2017
at Superfly Records

In May 2017 the Listening Station came to Superfly Records in the Marais district of Paris. Superfly Records launched in 2009, with a view to selling vintage and collectable records from around the world; reflecting the city’s diversity with a curated selection of originals and reissues. As well as selling records, Superfly is also the HQ for an active reissue label, bringing to life a wide variety of rare, private press or out of print records from Nigerian funk to Japanese jazz,. (we all fell in love with the shop dog too)! The residency started with a talk session hosted by the DJ and promoter Nick V at Le Generator in the trendy district of the 10tharrondissement, with a popular after party with sets from Nick V and DJ Deep.


World Wide Listening Station Tour in Barcelona 2017
at Discos Paradiso

Nestled in the small streets of Barcelona’s Raval district, Discos Paradiso was home to the Listening Station for a week in March 2017. Since its inception in April 2010, Discos Paradiso has become a focus point for the city’s dance and experimental scene. Co-owner Gerad Condemines used to work at local store La Ruta Natural, whilst fellow native Catalan Arnau Farrés would sell flea market finds on Discogs. Their joint obsession with rarities sent them hunting for vinyl all over Europe. Eventually they decided to channel their efforts into a brick-and-mortar, creating Barcelona’s answer to Hardwax or Phonica. Their dedication to searching for audio perfection struck a chord with the Analogue Foundation’s outlook. On one of the most rain soaked nights that Barcelona had seen in years, the talk session took place including Pedro Vian (Modern Obscure Music) and the producer Roger Rodes amongst others. The talk session was followed by an immersive back to back DJ set between Marc Pinol and DJ Zero.


World Wide Listening Station Tour in Amsterdam 2016
at Rush Hour

Audiophiles, record collectors and music lovers flock to Rush Hour for its impeccable vinyl selection, relaxed atmosphere and iconic status as one of the best record stores in the world. For a week in September 2016 the Listening Station was installed in Rush Hour’s new, bigger Amsterdam location (two doors down from it’s previous spot), and provided both a destination to discover new music and a place to revisit the warmth of old favourites. Yutaka Hoshino accompanied the Listening Station for the week, recommending records to customers and sharing his in-depth knowledge of analogue equipment and technology to generate some interesting discussions about the benefits of analogue listening. The week closed with a panel session featuring Ben Westbeech (Breach), Mathijin den Duijf (Kytopia) and Orpheu de Jong (Red Light Radio) and ended with a listening session selected by Abel from Redlight Records.


World Wide Listening Station Tour in London 2016
Phonica Records

The Listening Station tour started in the heart of London, at Soho’s Phonica Records in July 2016. Phonica is an independent company that collaborates with musicians and artists to create unique listening experiences - from producing handmade vinyl records to hosting innovative DJ sets. Phonica is always at the centre of the next big musical trend in London, and seemed the perfect place to launch the Listening Station. The week came to a conclusion with a talk session at Brilliant Corners, one of London’s top listening venues, inspired by Japan’s jazz coffee shops. The event began with a panel sessions with Anton Spice (Vinyl Factory), Justin Greenslade (Isonoe) and Alex Arnout (Dogmatik Records), and DJ ended with DJ sets from Vangelis Katsoulis and Floating Points.