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John Dent Mastering Engineer RIP

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John Dent  Mastering Engineer  RIP

The Analogue Foundation’s friend John Dent sadly passed away on Friday, 29th December 2017.
He will be missed by so many people who’s lives he touched in the music industry over a career that spanned the decades, but his legacy remains indelible in the many audio tracks that he mastered which will go on forever.
We met John in the summer of 2016 with his wife Anna, when he visited us and shared his experience and thoughts of analogue - we found his knowledge, experience and anecdotes simply inspiring.
We believe the video interviews that we’ve selected here demonstrate the passion that John had for his craft and the respect that he had from his peers, and invite you to celebrate John’s life with us, a life truly lived in analogue.


Analogue Foundation: John Dent Talks about Analogue (Filmed in July 2016)


Link for Other Videos