Listening Station


Listening Station


The Analogue Foundation Listening Station has been built with individually selected high-fidelity components matched to provide a very special audio experience. Each component has been carefully chosen for its ability to faithfully reproduce vinyl’s original signature, and each being a true but simple compliment to the signal chain. A specially selected range of the best cartridges and headphones will help you to discover a favourite listening experience. We hope that you will enjoy the experience of music with our Listening Station.

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The ATH-A2000Z high-fidelity headphones feature 53mm drivers which are hand-assembled in Japan. These ‘closed-back’ headphones delivery a very natural high-resolution sound with clarity while listening.



The striped ebony wooden housing of the ATH-W5000 high-fidelity dynamic headphones adds to the tight and enhanced bass reproduction of the audio material being listened to, delivering an all-encompassing experience.



The ATH-AD2000X are ‘open-back’ headphones with large 53mm aperture drives, but giving a slightly more spacious and brighter sound compared to its closed back equivalent, providing an alternative listening experience.


Phono Cartridges



The AT-ART9 is magnetic core moving coil type cartridge with a neodymium magnet of significantly enhanced magnetic energy and a permendur yoke with high saturation flux density. The housing is made of machined aluminium materials and the cover is made of special hard plastic materials which help to disperse parasitic resonance and produce a clearer sound reproduction.



The AT-OC9/III features a ‘special line contact’ stylus which is embedded into a low profile solid boron cantilever to ensure that the music signals read by the tip of the stylus are transmitted reliably to the coils. The OC9's "VC mould" design gives a stability and rigidity whilst the dual moving coil offers additional stereo separation and an improved frequency response.



The AT33Sa has a Shibata stylus. In addition to the high-range performance of a line-contact stylus, the Shibata stylus produces mid and bass sounds that are strong and rich. This Shibata stylus is mounted on a boron cantilever with a double damper which again improves overall sound reproduction quality.