Shirley Kurata is a Los Angeles-based stylist who has worked with Peter Jensen, Rodarte, Beck, Elijah Wood, Miranda July,Clinique and Autumn De Wilde, to name but a few. We came across Shirley’s work when we stumbled across an interview she gave to Nothing Major. It felt like her words reached through the screen for a like-minded fist bump with us. Read this, her answer to the question “Are you inspired by the Internet?”

“…I feel like there’s something sort of inauthentic about it all, this self-promotion with blogs and Twitter and Instagram. It takes away something. That’s why I started getting back into records. People would give me digital music and I wouldn’t really listen to it—maybe a song, but I didn’t appreciate music like I used to. With records, you’re seeking something out and actually paying attention to it. It’s sort of like going back to a simpler place and time.”

Pure gold! Words of pure gold!

That’s the thing about records and their collectors….It’s so very personal.A personal style that starts in the act of collecting records the building of a personal sound system. Soon enough, this style permeates into the and becomes a lifestyle. People who follow the analogue path cannot help but flex their personal style and unique character away from the uniformity of digital “inspiration”.

Read the Nothing Major interview HERE

Photography credit: Laure Joliet

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