Surfing is a way of life and we love and respect how Matt Titone has conveyed the free flowing feeling of elemental propulsion of surfers coastal culture that Titone conveys both in his Surf Shacks books and his on going documentary for INDOEK.

It’s not surprising to us that so many surfers homes feature analogue sound systems. Incorporating deep-listening, processes, and the tactility of analogue culture are just a few considerations shared in both lifestyles. In fact these attributes are not separate or unique lifestyles but very much interwoven.

Sean W SpellmanWesterly, RI Photography: Read McKendree

Grant Ellis + Julie Rais
Cardiff, CA
Photography: Ron Thompson

There’s so much inspiration to take from Surf Shacks! We’ve just ordered copies of the books to leaf through off screen, order your copy from your local indie bookseller and don’t forget to pass through the Indoek Surf Shack pages, too!

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