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Our first Analogue Sound Interior journal entry, shares a glimpse into the home of London-based analogue and digital photographer, Joe W Howard.

Joe’s record collection is a mix of alternative guitar music, folk, rock and Jazz, and everything from Broken Social Scene to The Durutti Column and Chet Baker to Keith Jarrett. We really appreciate the contrast between old and new in his record storage choices. The repurposed wooden Victorian kitchen cabinet and the modern materials and finish of the unit he chose from UK based furniture company, Swoon. 

In his own words…..

“I’m fairly open to most music and buying records has always been an important part of consuming music for me. I inherited a large amount of classics from my dad, the majority of the back catalogues for Bowie, Dylan and the Stones. This was a great starting point for starting my collection back in 2012, I’ve currently got around 700 12” and roughly 300 7’s.”

Record player: Project Debut Carbon
Record Storage: Repurposed Victorian kitchen cabinet and the one that holds the record player is from SWOON.

Joe’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joewhoward/ 
Website: https://www.jwhowardphotography.com

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