Haruki Murakami needs little introduction, any one who has read or merely just heard of his books will guess that he has a sizeable record collection to match his erudite knowledge of Jazz.

Murakami admits that he almost always works whilst listening to music. Not so surprising when he has around 10,000 records to chose from at any given moment. The author’s website includes an interactive tour of his office which reveals that many analogue elements in his working life. For example, his preference for Papermate yellow pencils as his writing tools.

Beyond the his website, we’e found a couple of magazine clippings in our archive that show a little more of his inspirational study.

Clipping from Casa Brutus 2017

Clipping from Switch 2019

Clipping from SWITCH 2019

According to his most recent interview with SWITCH Magazine, his audio system consists of the following:

Speakers: Tannoy Berkeley, JBL D130 (low), 2440+HL89 (middle), 2420 (high), 4530 (cabinet)
Amps: Accuphase E-407, Octave V40SE
Turntables: Thorens TD520, Luxman PD-171A

Mr Murakami doesn’t hold back with his listening experience.

Murakami’s Website & Study Tour

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