Mikio Hasui is a Japanese self-taught and self-learned photographer who also works as an artist, director and designer.

His geodesic home in Nagano, is in many ways they epitome of analogue lifestyle interiors, primarily because he designed the entire structure with sound in mind. The dome shape adds to the acoustic integrity of the build and the interior is Hasui’s personal tribute to his cherished memories of the jazz kissaten of his younger years.

Source: Freunde von Freunden

Source: Freunde von Freunden

Source: Freunde von Freunden

Source: Magazine clipping from SWITCH 2019

As beautiful as these photos are, we can’t leave you without a little more information on Hasui’s actual sound set up. With a little digging around through our piles of books and past-date magazines we know his set up consists of the following gems:
Speakers: JBL C36 Viscount
Amp: JBL SA600
Turntable: Garrard 301

Oh and in case you were wondering about his records, Hasui mainly listens to Jazz from the 60’s and 70’s. We’re so sure that whatever records you play on his system in that house, it will sound epic!


Mikio Hasui’s website
Original English interview with FvF

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