Analogue Foundation is not a one sided story, we can’t emphasise how central connecting with like minded individuals and groups is to us.

Growing as community is a sentiment that permeates into the heart of our Lifestyle stories. Making connections with people from all backgrounds who simply find joy in creating and maintaining a lifestyle that includes analogue sound at any level is what this journal is all about. Whilst we are busy collating all the great examples that touch us on the internet and off screen sources, we’d absolutely LOVE to hear from you, too!

Please join us on our mission to create a big, beautiful and fascinating archive that moves analogue sound and all the trappings that goes with it from the background to slap-bang into to the centre of focus.

We’d really love it if shared your #analoguesoundlifestyles with us. If you are up for it, get in touch.

Email us at info @ analoguefoundation . com.
If you follow us on Instagram, feel free to send message us there. You can also use our hashtag #analoguesoundlifestyles and we will find you.

It would be super useful if you could include the following info too:

– Links for us to include in the post (your Instagram account or website)
– A little info about your records.
– Info about your turntable and any other equipment that you would like to mention
– Any info about your lifestyle – for example; your favourite listening chair, a fun fact about your home anything you would like to share.

We’re really looking forward to hearing from you!

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