SME’s founder, Alastair Robertson-Aikman’s (1924–2006) impressive music room is legendary and for good reason.
Here’s the nitty gritty:
– Four pairs of Quad ESL63s stacked two high in brass weighted frames with one pair of stacks facing the listeners and the other pair behind them at right angles.
– A pair of Krell class A power amplifiers and the whole lot reside behind a green curtain in a distinctly theatrical setting.
– The source and preamplifier are right in front of the listening position in the Japanese style.

Other than the turntables (SME Model 20/3A sporting a Clearaudio Goldfinger cartridge), much of the equipment is all brought together in a theatrical setting behind the curtains befitting of a lifelong opera fan and master of precision. The emphasis is on the listening experience rather than the appreciation of the equipment.

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