This is Lloyd Evans‘ late 1800’s, loft meets classic row house apartment in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn.
Lloyd moved to New York from London four years ago and works in Advertising. He’s been involved with music one way or another for 20+ years – from DJ’ing and promoting parties to releasing music and collecting records.

In his own words..

“The New York community is warm and welcoming – whether that’s parties like Joy that respectfully carry on the traditions of David Mancuso’s Loft; record stores like Human Head, Mixtape Shop and Second Hand or venues like Public Records. They all deeply care about the scene and deserve our support now more than ever.

My record collection is built on soul, funk, boogie, disco and house but takes in the more unusual ends of the spectrum with a lot of spiritual jazz and gospel currently on heavy rotation – simply because it sounds so beguiling through the Klipsch / McIntosh combo.

The Klipschorns were something of a personal holy grail for me. I’d read so much about them before hearing them for the first time in Tokyo in 2012 and later at Brilliant Corners where I would select records. The crystalline and immersive sound reveals the most minute production details and continues to shed a new light on classic tracks in my collection.

Lloyd’s set-up details:

* Klipschorn speakers
* McIntosh MC2505 amp
* McIntosh c28 pre-amp
* Klipsch Heresy speakers
* Marantz 2220 amp
* Technics SL1200 Mk2
* Belden 9497 speaker wire

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