The very lovely Leta Sobierajski met up with our people over at Always Listening to talk about her beautiful home and what she listens to while working.

Leta is a New York based independent designer and art director who combines traditional graphic design elements with photography, art, and styling to create unique visuals.

Leta explained to Always Listing that headphones are indispensable to her whilst working. “Songs with lyrics hinder your concentration, so irregular beats and uniquely composed techno are good, and they inspire your work. It’s better than working in silence.”

A collection of her favorite records are neatly arranged on a bookshelf alongside a number of art books and figurines. Susumu Yokota’s “Acid Mt. Fuji” and a selection of records by Yellow Magic Orchestra are just some of her favourites the are “strange, trippy and perfect for work.”

The original article with more photos by Always Listening is available here (Japanese language).

Leta Sobierajski’s website

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