It was great to catch up with Romain Azzaro who told us about his latest project….

“Early in 2020, when the world was flipped on its head, I formed a quintet of musicians met in Berlin to combat the solitude of lockdown. Paul Behnam (guitar), Sacha Hladiy (piano), Nicolai Hovgaard Johansen (vibrating metal plates), Ruth Mogrovejo(viola), João Comazzi de Oliveira (percussions) and Myself (zither) to compose a Neoclassical record over 3 months in my living room, studio and basement.”

“The record will be out the 26th of march on my label “Rouge Mécanique musique”, you can pre-order here

You can view the Catharsis Video here

I recorded the Album in my living Room and my basement studio using only acoustic instruments such as:
– Grand Piano Feurich
– Zither
– Viola
– Classical Guitar
– Vibrating Metal Plates
– Organ Farsifa
– Brazillian Percussions

Recorded with:
Neuman UA87
Neuman UA47
Custom Omni stereo Mics.”

Follow Romain on Instagram for more information and updates on his projects: @romainazzaro

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