In 1956, Eames’ Office designer and released a range of speaker enclosures for Stephens Trusonic. The result was a culmination of Eames’ impeccable design and Stephens’ ability in hi fidelity audio engineering.

Our favourite among the 4 models released is the E4, which became known at the Quadreflex. It’s a thing of sheer beauty! It utilises the moulded plywood techniques perfected by Eames for their coveted furniture pieces. The swivel base is a clear nod to the base of the eponymous lounge chair.

According to the notes on EAMES.COM:

“What is even more impressive about the speakers is the sheer level that the team pursued to get the best from the design. Not content with merely producing attractive cabinets, the Eames Office team worked tirelessly with Stephens engineers to understand the components of a speaker, how it works, how it transmits sound and how this can be done most effectively. The result is a truly wonderful collection of four models (known as E1 through to E4) each with various choices of options.”

Needless to say, these are much coveted speakers that rarely emerge on the market. Eames’ office has an informative guide on identifying original items….just incase you get lucky!

All images on this post are from EAMES.COM.

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