Analogue Foundation are creators of lingering experiences that engage the 5 senses and leave an indelible impression on our audience. Alchemising our passion for analogue, our expertise in sound with both tangible and intangible elements we are committed to preserving the legacy of analogue for the future.
WHAT IS ANALOGUE? This is a question that constantly sits at the tip of our tongues and we deliberately pose the question repeatedly to provoke thought and incite responses. These reverberations lead to encounters with cultures and people that expand our vision. Revealing paths for us to chart wider horizons in our quest to define encapsulate and (re)interpret the abstract landscape of "Analogue'".

For us, "Analogue" is synonymous with timelessness and beauty. Analogue can be tangible or intangible as it can be appreciated as both an experience or an object. Analogue methodologies are a commitment that demand perseverance, attention and devotion. This makes it deeply emotional and personal. A lot of all it means to be human is invested in analogue pursuits. This is what we believe gives analogue its "soul". And it is this soul that in turn connects the analogue creator with the analogue enthusiast. Ifs a profoundly powerful connection. And it is also how and why we strongly believe that preserving analogue can only enrich the future.

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